The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Rhythm of Spirit

Lady Chan taught me that each movement should be very slow. The communication was in between the movements with my focus and intent.
It was called the Rhythm of Spirit instead of the rhythm of flesh and blood.
My Chinese dance teacher did not approve of my ballet lessons. She said they would only destroy my gift of subtlety as a fine Chinese classical dancer.
Lady Chan told me that I should not treat the Peach of Immortality as a prop, but treat it as the real mythical peach in my mind,
and I should not only do the dance steps but to become the Deity Ma-Gu herself.
Which was actually not hard at all if you could see Her in your mind‘s eye.

“The Peach of Immortality” was mounted on a golden plate.
Lady Chan taught me how to dance with that golden plate in a figure 8, like the symbol of infinity.
The Peach should float around without people noticing it was moved by my hands and I should float around it like the cloud circling around the mountain.
Nobody should notice my movement but only see the Peach and I floating up and down,
like sky and rivers dancing together into the Ocean of Enlightenment.


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