The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dancer inside the mirror

Someone told me that at least 3 bishops were buried where I danced alone, in thousands dark night … It was the crypt of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. I had no fear to be there by myself. For me personally, this crypt was the Garden of Eden where dreams got birthed into realities. Surrounded by art studios, there was a stage in the center of this crypt, that looked like a playground for artists, mice, cockroach and spirits …

The directors of Omega dance company, Carla De Solar and Sandra Rivera, were fine artists in their own expression. They generously letting me use their studio after their hours The sound of silence gently embraced us all -- And the sleeping bishops, cockroach, mice, spirits and me, were all dancing together like stars whispering in those ever lasting, cascading diamond nights. Visions like fogs, floating in and out of those mirrors, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Tibet, Kingdom of An … were dancing from mirror to mirrors as my mind spiraling from time to no-time… Slowly, one breath, one movement, one image … unfolded like lotus bloom. Neither could I tell the line between dreams and realities, nor could I tell the line between dreams and fantasies. All was vivid and ecstatic … silence could be noisy, if you listen carefully - those stony wall cleared their voice humming endless ancient epic at nights when humans were busily worshipping in the “up-stairs” Cathedral. Ironically, the heartbeats of this Cathedral was in this crypt… oh, yes, the veils were very, very thin when I danced there. Not too many humans really had the awareness of what going on when I was dancing my “underground service” … perhaps, those sleeping bishops would have some appreciation about what was going on.

She was glowing inside the mirror, flying like rays from a thousand suns.
Her hair flowing like cloud as she danced from one side of the room into another side of the mirror … I could not tell the difference between she and I, except she was totally free and I was somewhat shy. This the magic began …
Star Light


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