The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Thursday, February 03, 2005

This is going to be a long working night

This is going to be a long working night.
He was not “inspired” tonight.
“ I don’t want to see this, don’t show me your undisciplined legs;
I don't want to see that, don’t show me your sleeping belly!!
The choreographer is the king or the queen in this room.
They have the power to tell you whether or not your life as a dancer is worthy of living.
No, actually they are more like high-priests or high-priestesses;
They have the power to choose the chosen ones, it might not be you.
Some of them would keep on telling you what they don’t want to see …
They might never figure out what they do want to see for a long, long time.
They are also brilliant ones, who are blessed with visions and the gift to inspire dancers to fly.
You could be a pain in the neck for one choreographer, and a brilliant star for another.
Sounds like marriage? Does it not?
The choreographers can also be a total ass-hole one night, and a total genius
another night.
Sounds like some gods/goddesses? " Does it not?
Could it be possible that many choreographers were priests and priestesses in a different timelines?
Perhaps, Shaman?
They love to play gods.
Actually, we all do.
Many dancers have love / hate relationships with the choreographers just
like what humans have with the gods.
I did not understand why they were so detached until I became a choreographer myself ...

Star Light


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