The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Friday, February 04, 2005

She Taught Us the Ancient Bull Rite

It is the final moments of this class,
She taught us the Ancient Bull Rite
Her arms raising like horns
In between those horns
Shimmering like the flame from the
Valley below
Mountain gate stand still
Like the great mother telling
the story
From the beginning of all time
Never end
She hums
I could see those ancient ones
Dancing like gods by my side
Whirling flame like sunlight and moonlight
All stars are dancing in this
One flame
I am in my full glory, dance to the great ones
They bow to me and I bow to them
Together we dance the Ancient Bull Rite
Never to be tamed
Never to be seperated
For this is the night we dance
As thousand sparks in one flame
You shall always see me in your mind
Especially when you look into a flame
And dance like one
Star Light


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