The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Mirror Never Lies to Me

The mirror never lies to me
It is magical
It is multi-dimensional
It shows me what I am able to see
It hides away what I could not handle
It is so magical
I have to work with its depth instead of surface
Don’t ever look into a mirror before you are ready to see
Especially when standing next to the ballet barre
Many dancers do this unconsciously,
That is why they are not that great
No matter what kind of techniques they display
A great dancer seeing the mirror in her / his own mind
Before they launch into the tangible world
The body simply follow the mind
After we could perceive ourselves from within
In the brilliance of our multi-dimensional selves
Now it is time to look into the mirror
Just to see what an “audience” might perceive
A great artist knows the secret of bridging _
To bridge different worlds in one simple movement
To travel in dimensions in one breath
To take our audience soaring beyond their seats
To allow them merge with us in spirit
Without a second delay
When we have a glance of our divinity
Who dances inside the mirror
Don't let our fragil personality to interpret
How could the shell of an oyster
Explain the depth of the pearls?
Keep on dancing, keep on seeing
Don’t ever doubt about what we see
We see what we see
So let it be

Star Light


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