The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Sunday, February 06, 2005

It takes some sophistication to be that Simple!

Every artist begins her / his journey as a Want-to-be.
We might feel oneness with a great poet,
As if we were twin flames from the time before time
We then trying to converse with that mind
Sadly we see our words have no gist but yeast …
We might be gifted in strength and insights,
Or having some external charm,
Perhaps a passionate yearning to become
something we could not yet
simple Be
We wish to fly like the greatest ballerina in our mind
Only to find our physical bodies were left behind, weeping, cursing
and not to understand
The secret key of those disciplines.
How come one is flying in ecstasy and another is injured and creepy?
Don’t be fooled by someone’s natural grace?
Without discipline she/he is just as creepy as all the want-to-be
Too many minds -- never mind!
Simple grace looks effortless.
It does take some effort to become effortless
-- by practice.
Practice what?
-- Some repeated patterns like boring routine?
If the practice become a boring routine,
it is time to change our mind.
All disciplines are about the mind.
To master the discipline is to master the mind.
Star Light


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