The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Friday, February 04, 2005

I woke up one morning

"I woke up one morning and all of my stuff had been stolen...
and replaced by exact duplicates. "
-- by Steven Wright

How does a dancer / choreographer / artist deal with the fact
that her / his work has been cheaply copied?
Nobody can really replace the “exact duplicated” of another artist’s work because they do not have the same frequency; and they do not have the same mind. How about the exact duplicate of another artist's statement? Or the imitation of another’s style?

Here is an story from the ancient China:
The great King, Fu-Tzai, from the kingdom WU had many wives.
Two of the most outstanding ones were called “ The Beauty From the West Palace “ and “ The Beauty From the East Palace.”
The Beauty From the West Palace had a very tragical life, that made her frown a lot.
King Fu-Tzai would give her all kind of precious gifts whenever she frowned just to make her smile again.
In his eyes, she was always beautiful -- even when she frowned ... then, she was even more beautiful when she turned her frown into smile.
Now, everyone in the palace knew how much she was loved.
The Beauty From the East Palace got very jealous and she tried her best to win the favor back.
She bought those servants to find out the other’s perfumes, her dresses and her likes and dislikes …
She found out the real secret was that King Fu-Tzai gave "the other" great gifts whenever she frowned.
Now our Beauty From the East Palace began to dress like our Lady from the West Palace, she made herself smell like the other, having soft voice like the other … above all the imitations she had borrowed from the other, she began to frown bitterly in front of the King …
Guess what?
Very soon the king did not visit The Beauty From the East Palace anymore.
Our Lady from the West became the Queen.

It is easy to copy the external from others, but it takes courage and wisdom to be the original.

My work had been copied many times and my statements had been duplicated by someone who just “ loved “ me unbelievably, badly. The funny fact about this is that no matter what kind of PR she did to promote herself, people always come to acknowledge me.
Why do I need any acknowledgement from these people?
Why do I create this kind of reality?
I have to laugh with the stars ...
The stars are laughing too.
They have seen so much … they have seen my anger, they have seen my rage ,
They have seen my letting go of the "stolen style" and start anew…
And this new expression is even more profound ...
I have no word for this, so there is no way to be "duplicated."
Ha ha … ha ….ha ha…

Star Light


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