The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Friday, February 04, 2005

I Got This In My Blood

Twirling within this brilliant flame
I see many “I” in different Ages,
In different costumes,
In different mind-sets
Dancing this eternal flame
She taught us how to bow
In this Flamenco style
Like a cunning Gypsy
She lowered her eyes
To someone special that I could not see
I could not bow the way she bowed
I had always bowed to All
And I did not lower my gaze
No, no fairy in this class -- she said
Flamenco is different than ballet
Don’t give everything away
in that bright light
Life is never black or white
Stay in the void
As long as I could
I got this in my blood
Dancing flames
Just now
From her
Circling palms
From the tiny voice
That circles my arms
Star Light


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