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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


The Anunnaki are a group of Sumerian mythological deities. Anunnaki means "those who came from heaven to Earth" (Anu = Heaven / Sky, na = to come, Ki = Earth). The Anunnaki were the gods of ancient Sumer, one of the earliest known human civilizations. The head of the Anunnaki council was the Great Anu, the sky god. His throne was inherited by Enlil, resulting in a dispute between Enlil and his cousin Enki regarding who was the rightful leader. Enki was an alchemist and was said to have created mankind.

UFO conspiracy theory
Some UFO conspiracy theorists such as Zecharia Sitchin, Laurence Gardner and David Icke claim that the Anunnaki were in fact extra-terrestrials who came to Earth in antiquity and created or tampered with the genetic makeup of primitive Homo sapiens.
According to Sitchin, these beings live on a planet called Nibiru, allegedly the 12th planet of our own solar system, while some other channeled material claim that they actually came from the Pleiades. Other theories also claim that they are of reptilian nature and that they fed on human flesh. Some of this theory is based on the idea that we have not found a "missing link", on the Sumerians' knowledge of the solar system, and on the Sumerians' crediting their knowledge and crafts directly to the gods (the concept of me).


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