The Secret Doctrine of Being Beautiful

Sunday, January 30, 2005

THE SECRET Doctrine of the Early Christian Church

We can observe this same problem at work today in Communist China. There is only one church -- which is the government ordained church. Doctrine is controlled -- religious thought and expression is controlled -- the clergy being ordained to their position by the state, is tightly controlled -- by virtue of these controls, the church is never at odds with the government -- and the very manner in which the people worship is also controlled. Genuine, spiritual religion, is suppressed, and anyone who deviates from the prescribed doctrine of the government-church is immediately dealt with -- severely.
In a Spiritual Church such as that which Jesus ordained, the focus is not on the believer holding the proper set of beliefs, or a hierarchy of priests -- because the source and authority is spiritual, and remains above and beyond the physical world. The beliefs of each person are therefore seen as a product of the people's stage of spiritual development, and are in accordance with the individual person's condition in relation to man's spiritual reality. Because each person is at a different level of spiritual awareness, fixed creeds and dogma are a detriment to a truly spiritual religion.


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